Toppan Gravity

Driving synergies within the Toppan Group
Embracing development & transformation
Dynamic & highly skilled team with growth-mindset

As a global solutions provider primarily focused on the payment and Identity industries, Toppan Gravity aims at developing the next generation of virtual and physical security documents.

With the vision of becoming the forerunner in the secure ID and payment industry, we focus, through strategic acquisitions on driving synergies within the Toppan Group. We empower promising companies with state-of-the-art technology or businesses in emerging markets, including Asia, Africa, and Latin America to enhance their overall performance. Furthermore, we enable our acquisitions to take advantage of the opportunities, numerous resources and extensive know-how presented by our large, diversified group.

Together as a group, Toppan Gravity is committed to providing smart solutions for all kind of payment, banking systems, as well as government systems. Through our specialized subsidiary Toppan FutureCard, we cover the whole value chain from the design to the manufacturing and personalization and the implementation of customized smart card solutions. To fully satisfy its customer’s needs, Toppan FutureCard selects highly advanced technology components along with high-end materials to get the best authentication, encryption, security performance on the market.

To cover our customer’s digital security needs, our subsidiary Toppan iDGate is striving to offer highly secure but also highly convenient authentication solutions. IDGate’s multi-factor security solutions provide customers bank-grade protection from online threats while maintaining a streamlined user experience, without the need for tricky usernames and passwords. By leveraging standard and advanced technologies such as smartphone selfie cams and AI-powered face recognition, iDGate identifies its customer’s needs to enhance their experience when using iDGate’s security solutions.

Over the years, Toppan Gravity and its acquisitions have continuously gained the trust of a growing number of customers in many different industries through dedication and commitment to performance excellence and unrivaled quality. Catering to the needs of more than 500 customers on a global scale, we aim at satisfying our clients by offering them technologically advanced smart solutions, best product quality and speed of service.


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