Pop-up Books

Established reputation as a global leader in pop-up manufacturing
Cutting-edge paper engineering developed from decades of expertise
Unrivaled quality combined with fast and easy delivery

A subsidiary of Toppan Leefung (Hong Kong) Limited since 2004, Toppan Excel (Hong Kong) Limited has established its reputation as the leading manufacturer of children’s novelty and pop-up books.

Our expertise in paper engineering has made us a trusted service provider of this niche and highly specialised market since 1989. Children’s pop-up books — comprising features such as pull-downs, pull-outs, flaps, slids, etc. — require precise techniques and specialised hand assembly. As such, our division employs a seasoned workforce highly skilled in paper engineering from many years of experience and practical training.

As our core operations are geared towards hand assembly, we rely on our experienced employees to apply the precise techniques — including die-cutting, stripping, collating and hand assembly — necessary for this specialty arena of print production. As with all our products, impeccable quality and timely delivery are key factors to ensuring we remain leaders in the industry.

Our product portfolio includes pop-up books, touch and feel books, board books and novelty books. Stationery and greeting card production, which use many of the same assembly techniques, are also produced at the company’s facilities. Currently, our client list includes many of the world’s most prestigious publishers and producers of children’s books.