Toppan Merrill

Global coverage network
Constant reinvention of products
Effective and fast turnaround

As markets fluctuate and technology advances, we have become one of the most trusted financial service providers in the world, serving our clients with a 10-year-old comprehensive suite of high-caliber financial print products for over 26 years. In Hong Kong and Singapore, our specialized subsidiaries, Toppan Merrill Limited and Toppan Merrill Pte. Ltd., respectively, lead the market in the top global financial centers; in 2012, through an acquisition and expansion of a 10 year old domestic player, we also entered the New York market as Toppan Merrill Inc.

Strategically based in financial hubs around the world, our talented staff of seasoned professionals have an extensive track record of catering to our clients’ ever changing needs and demands. Toppan Merrill offices are total communications providers offering cost effective and fast turnaround document production and dissemination solutions for companies with time sensitive and confidential financial information. We remain committed to constantly evolving our products and services in response to market demands and developments.

Our services include translation, design, typesetting, EDGAR filing, XBRL, VDRs, printing and distribution; while product ranges include financial reports, IPO prospectuses, international and domestic offering circulars, debt, warrants, derivatives and bankruptcy work, announcements and other financial documentation.

All 3 companies have carried their printing expertise into the commercial sector and also provided premium global sourcing solutions for their client base.