Toppan Ecquaria

Transforming Operations with Data-Driven Decisions
Encouraging Co-Creation through Cloud-Native Solutions
Creating a Trusted Ecosystem with Digital Identity

Toppan Ecquaria is a digital transformation company. The Singapore-based company has gained international standing with projects in many countries worldwide. Started off as a company specialising in the government sector, we helped over 50 governments world-wide, such as Qatar, The Bahamas and Namibia, to transform digitally.

In recent years, we have focused our research and development efforts on Cloud Technology and Machine Learning (ML). Integrating our government domain experience into the development efforts, we launched a line of government-compliant products under the Ecquaria Government Platform (EGP) Suite.

Since then, we have helped both the public and private sector transform to cloud-native solutions with Microservices, Containers and DevSecOps. With the help of Cloud Automation tools such as Infrastructure as Code (IaC), existing systems were also successfully migrated to the respective infrastructures within a tight timeline.

Toppan Ecquaria has launched mission-critical systems across various sectors such as trade and business, healthcare and judiciary. From licensing and inspection to digital authentication via facial recognition, Toppan Ecquaria is committed to continuously develop government-compliant products and systems so that citizens, businesses and governments can transact within a secure ecosystem conveniently.

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