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In our complex world, transactions need to be assured with certainty that the person requesting or authorizing them are indeed who they claim to be. Identity assurance had been anchored on physical tokens of possession such as plastic ID cards, passports and vouchers with various anti-copying security designs and features. Based on our legacy business, Toppan Leefung, a leader in security printing, continues to provide strong and trustworthy secured document solutions.

In the contemporary context of increasingly digitalized interactions, Toppan Leefung Security Solutions and Services (SSS) steps up to provide state-of-the-art digital Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) solutions. MFA requires more than a single factor to achieve positive identity assurance. Toppan Leefung SSS employs technologies, supplies equipment, designs systems and deploy innovative solutions, centred around the single fundamental core foundation – to provide Secure Identity Assurance, with biometrics as the key enabler. SSS focuses in the three primary mainstream biometric modalities in use today: facefingerprints and iris. We are able to fuse two or more modalities into a single biometric result to strengthen identity assurance. A SSS specialty is Biometrics on the Move, facilitating seamless and natural human traffic flow in many high volume use cases. Even before the advent of the global COVID-19 pandemic, SSS are experts in providing contactless biometrics to the market, as a way to capture details and authenticate identities without needing to touch a capture surface or sensor, eliminating the probability of cross-contamination. Contactless biometrics require a mastery of optics and sensor capabilities.

In the next lap, we expect identity assurance to evolve from physical tokens into digital identity centered around mobility platforms such as mobile phones and personal lifestyle devices. We invest in forging a synthesis between diverse sensors to deliver pervasive, multi-sensor environments that captures multiple aspects of a person’s biometric persona and behavior simultaneously. Deep learning and machine AI will be driving much of the data processing and ‘sense-making’ services to interpret, visualize and recommend courses of action based on non-structured and poorly defined masses of data at extremely fast speeds.

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