Security Printing

Advanced anti-counterfeiting techniques
High-level risk management consultations
Stringent security controls and systems

Security printing is more important than ever in today’s complex digital age, with security and identity documents increasingly exposed and counterfeiting becoming a rampant industry-wide threat. With the rise in instances of forgery and unauthorized distribution, the market is growing for solutions and safeguards to mitigate these risks.

Based in Singapore, Toppan Security Systems Pte. Ltd. has proven its expertise and authority in the specialized field of security printing. In guarding companies against counterfeiting and data exposure, the company provides specialized printing expertise for documents that are most susceptible to abuse, employing a number of anti-counterfeiting techniques to foil forgers.

With decades of expertise, Toppan Security Systems Pte. Ltd. also consults and advises on risk management techniques and effective ways for companies to protect and preserve their brand names. The company specializes in producing customized solutions for clients including devising stringent security controls, with all customer information and data held in the strictest confidence.

Among other items, the company prints passports, visas, certificates, vouchers, stamps, security seals, bank labels, cheque books, bond certificates, lottery tickets, gaming products and travel documents. The company is committed to ongoing research and development and keeping abreast of the latest developments in anti-forgery techniques.

Other divisions in the company employ Toppan Security Systems Pte. Ltd.’s special skills honed in this niche area to offer publications & commercial printing and digital printing & data management.