Safe transportation and delivery of goods
Flexible packaging designs and types
Complete customization based on client specifications

Paper Packaging

With a broad spectrum of strengths and styles, our paper packaging options ensure clients can find the ideal solution for their needs, whether it’s delivering products or storage needs. Our versatile and cost-efficient solutions are designed to protect and preserve all types of products, from fragile glassware to electronics to industrial food products.

Toppan Leefung (Hong Kong) Limited’s packaging division in Dongguan was integrated into Toppan Yau Yue Paper Products Limited following a merger in 2004. Currently, the division boasts two large production facilities in Guangdong province; together, they supply corrugated paper products and shipping cartons to a number of leading local and foreign manufacturers in the region.

Our packing boxes are manufactured to different grades and industry standards, and corrugated paper of flute types A, B, C and E are turned out for production of boxes designed for the easy handling and safe transportation of goods. In addition, our clients are able to request customized packaging to suit their own specifications and needs.

Today, our client base is comprised mainly of toy makers, electronic manufacturers, and producers of shoes, health products and sports equipment. The company’s extensive packaging expertise has also proved relevant and useful for the manufacturers of carrier bags, PDQ shelves and counter displays for local retail companies.


Flexible Packaging

Toppan Leefung Packaging (Shanghai) Co., Ltd joined the family of Toppan Leefung Group on 1 August 2018. It is equipped with printing machines, laminating machines, extrude machines and bag making machines in a clean-room manufacturing environment. It produces retort pouch, electronic packaging material, medical packaging material, vacuum insulation material and easy peel lid.

Toppan Darui Packaging (Shanghai) Co., Ltd was acquired on 1 March 2018 and became the first subsidiary of the Leefung Group to engage in flexible packaging services. It has several printing production lines (8 and 10 color) as well as a number of patented products. Its products include pet food bags, roll film, coffee bags, tea bags and other daily necessities.

Toppan Jiu Zheng Medical Packaging (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was acquired on May 1, 2019 and joined the family of Toppan Leefung Group to become its first subsidiary to engage in medical packaging business of the Group. We are one of the production plant authorized by the local government for production of medical packaging products. Its products are aluminum and multi-functional bottle caps for medicine storage bottles, anti-bacterial bags and medical packaging supplies.