Toppan Security Systems Pte. Ltd.

Who We Are

With a history dating back to the early days of the Singapore Straits Settlement, as the Singapore Government Printing Office, Toppan Security Systems Pte. Ltd. has since become one of Asia’s leading security printers. Its comprehensive product line includes highly-secure printed documents, security printing solutions, book printing and magazine production.

The company comprises three main business units- the security printing division, the publications and commercial printing unit, and a digital printing arm. Together these units form a cohesive printing entity well-suited to serve the diverse needs of our customers, operating with absolute professionalism and high confidentiality.

Our Mission

Our company is founded on the basis of fostering mutual respect between the company’s employees and its customers. Guided by a strong code of ethics, a diligent work mentality and up-to-date knowledge combined with ongoing training, our teams work day-in and day-out to provide exceptional service to all of our clients.

What We Do

The security syst division offers a wide array of advanced security-based solutions. Documents produced by this facility include: passports, visa labels, certificates, confidential documents, cheques, vouchers, custom & excise stamps, tax revenue stamps, savings books, lottery tickets and machine-readable betting slips.

The unit also offers design and consultancy services on all aspects of security printing. Constant research into the latest tracking and tracing technologies is carried out and counterfeit analysis is offered to certain clients.

The publications and commercial printing section is a total solutions provider and handles everything from initial design to final delivery. Services include design, pre-press, high-quality printing, binding, packaging, shipping, logistical support and final distribution.

Toppan Security Systems Pte. Ltd.’s digital printing services are designed to help customers enhance, process, store, retrieve and transfer their business documents. Organizations are offered innovative and cost-effective ways to process and manage their documents. Such services include data printing, mailing and fulfillment, electronic archiving, image management solutions, database design and management, and data capture and processing.

Corporate Social Responsibility

As an equal opportunity employer, Toppan Security Systems Pte. Ltd. is committed to a safe and open workplace, where employees are encouraged to develop their individual strengths as well as collaborate as a team. Our staff are recognized and rewarded according to their skills and contributions, and we take every step possible towards fostering a fair and equal workplace.

In addition, Toppan Security Systems Pte. Ltd. places utmost importance on corporate responsibility, and we continue to operate an extremely environmentally conscious company, stringently abiding by all regulations pertaining to waste disposal and energy consumption. The company also runs an on-going program to reduce waste and safeguard the eco-system and has been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

The company deliberately seeks to partner with suppliers that take a responsible position on human rights, health and safety, and pressing environmental issues. In our efforts to operate in ways that enhance rather than detract from society, we hold ourselves socially accountable to our customers, our stakeholders, and the public at large.