Toppan Leefung (Hong Kong) Limited


The Leefung-Asco Group was founded in 1960 and has been listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange since 1991. In order to take advantage of China’s developing market, the company moved its production facility to Shenzhen in 1992. This was followed by the opening of further operations in Dongguan, Shanghai and Beijing.

In 2003, Singapore-based Toppan Leefung Pte. Ltd. (formerly known as SNP Corporation Ltd.) acquired a controlling stake in Leefung-Asco Group and further privatised it in September 2006. With the acquisition by Toppan Printing Co., Ltd. in mid-2008, the Leefung-Asco Group changed its name to Toppan Leefung (Hong Kong) Limited.

In an effort to diversify its product mix, increase revenue streams and broaden its expertise, Toppan Leefung (Hong Kong) purchased the pop-up book printing company from its parent company in 2004. China and the United States now account for one-third each of the company’s total revenues, while the remaining third comes from Europe and Australia.

Who We Are

Toppan Leefung (Hong Kong) is one of the largest printing enterprises in mainland China. Its main businesses include pop-up books, touch-and-feel products, case-bound books, children’s books, colour magazines, commercial printing and corrugated boxes. Committed to setting new standards in the printing and packaging markets, the company employs state-of-the art machinery and concentrates on providing high quality customized services with fast turnaround at affordable prices.

Mission Statement

Our company strives to serve the needs of both our customers and our shareholders with a combination of industry know-how, technical expertise, and adoption of the latest cutting-edge technologies and equipment. Through a combination of our fast printing production and affordable prices, we serve to deliver to clients time and again high-quality, cost-effective solutions.

Our Products

Toppan Leefung (Hong Kong) is headquartered in Hong Kong but operates facilities in mainland China. The plants are mainly involved in commercial printing, high-end magazine production, hard and soft-cover books, pop-up books, packaging, premedia services and other non-book products that require hand assembly such as stationery sets, greetings cards, tray sets, calendars, game sets, puzzles, albums and binders.

Our Facilities

Toppan Leefung (Hong Kong) is headquartered in Hong Kong and strategically combines several world class factories in Asia into the following major divisions / companies:

Toppan Leefung Packaging and Printing (Dongguan) Co., Ltd. Primary focus is on trade books that are exported primarily to North American, Australian and European markets.
Toppan Leefung Advertising (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Primary focus is to provide planning, design and execution of marketing solutions to local and international enterprises.
Toppan Excel (Hong Kong) Primary focus is on the production of pop-up books that are exported primarily to North America and European markets.
Toppan Yau Yue Primary focus is to manufacture corrugated paper board and carton boxes.