Toppan Jiu Zheng Medical Packaging (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Company Background

Toppan Jiuzheng Packaging (Shanghai) Co., Ltd, was acquired on May 1, 2019 and joined the family of Toppan Leefung Group to become its first subsidiary engaged in the medical packaging business. Previously, the company was known as Shanghai Jiuzheng Medical Packaging Materials Co., Ltd. and was founded in 2005.

Who We Are

Our company is located in New Pudong District, Shanghai City. We are one of the production plants authorized by the local government for the production of medical packaging products. We are committed to providing high quality medical packaging products for our customers.

Mission Statement

We continue to research and explore new materials and innovations in order to give our customers the best quality medical packaging products. We aim to become a leader within the medical packaging industries in China.

Our Product

Aluminum and multi-functional bottle caps for medicine storage bottles, anti-bacterial bags and medical packaging supplies.