Toppan Excel (Hong Kong) Company Limited


Toppan Excel (Hong Kong) Company Limited was founded in 1989 and has since established its reputation as a leading producer of quality pop-up and novelty children’s books.

Excellent paper engineering knowledge and experience has led Toppan Excel (Hong Kong) to become an industry leader in the manufacture of hand-assembled products for the publishing industry. Our complex and innovative designs have helped top publishers materialise their artwork and deliver their unique products to market at optimum quality. To continue to provide value-added services, the technical team is constantly testing and developing new finishing processes, which include printing on foil, foil stamping, glittering, flocking, multi-layer embossing, and raised ultra violet, to name a few.

Our Mission and Strategy

Our mission is to deliver exceptional quality pop-up and novelty children’s books, through the expertise of highly skilled paper engineers who are adept at producing creative and complex designs. Toppan Excel (Hong Kong) strives for continuous improvement in its service offerings, which includes everything from maintaining a consistent quality of products to fast and timely delivery.

Who We Are

Toppan Excel (Hong Kong) was acquired in 2001 and became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Toppan Leefung (Hong Kong) Limited in 2004. The company’s headquarters are in Hong Kong while the production facilities are located in Panyu in southern China.

What We Do

The company’s extensive product portfolio includes pop-up books, touch-and-feel books, board books, ‘lift flap’ boards, stationery cards and kits, greeting cards, photo albums and calendars. Our exceptional quality products are dependent on maintaining a large and skilled hand-assembly labour force, as is the case in the Panyu plant.


Toppan Excel (Hong Kong) is committed to quality and complies strictly with the world-class requirements for children’s products along with safety, ethical standards and environmental protection. The factory is accredited with the following standards: CQC/ISO 9001(2001), ICTI (2006), GSV (August 2008), and ISO 14001 (May 2009).

Sales office information and contact person:

New York Office
747 Third Avenue, 7th Floor
New York, NY 10017
(Tel) + 1 212 683 5424
Contact person:  Jane Walsh

London office
5th Floor, 15 Basinghall Street
London EC2V 5BR
(Tel) + 44 207 213 0503
Contact person: Catherine Hodkinson

Paris Office
21, Rue Le Peletier
Paris, 75009, France
(Tel) + 33 (0) 1 47 70 60 15
Contact person: Romain Caillet