Republic Advertising Consultants

Republic Advertising Consultants is a full-service advertising agency with over 30 years of experience. We have built our relationship with our clients through partnership based on mutual trust. Having different teams, we can focus on both ‘Above-The-Line’ (ATL) and ‘Below-The-Line’(BTL) jobs. We access our client’s brief from a wide 360 perspective to provide effective and innovative integrated advertising solutions.

At Republic Advertising Consultants, we believe in giving more value by having good innovations through our media, digital, and creative communication expertise. Ultimately, we look good when our clients look good.

Mission Statement

To provide effective and innovative integrated advertising solutions at the Right Place, Right Time, and Right Message.

Our Core Values

We take responsibility for our actions, and we believe in ethical and fair business dealings. Our accounts are audited yearly for that additional piece of assurance.

Good works are produced by good teamwork. Collaboration between the teams and individuals are our competitive advantage.

People are the key ingredient to driving our success. We treat our people the way we want them to treat our clients. Our Company adheres to ‘Tripartite Alliance for Fair Employment Practices’ (TAFEP) and invests in Employee Related Insurance (Workmen compensation, group term life, and personal accident etc.)

Customer Focus
The client is in the center of our overall organizational activities. They influence the way we develop our people.

Accredited to various media owners (Both Local and Overseas).

Broadcast Advertising:
TV, Radio, Cable TV, and Cinema Advertising

Print Advertising:
Local and Overseas Newspapers, Magazines, and Directories Advertising

Outdoor Advertising:
MRT Bulkheads, Platform, In-train Panels, Bus Shelter, Bus Wrap, Bus Interchange, Taxi Wrap, Video on Walls, and Billboards

Direct Response Advertising:
SMS Blast, Direct Mailer, and eDM Blast

Digital Advertising:
Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Youtube, and various Display Networks

Social Media Marketing:
Facebook, Linked-in, and Twitter

Contact Us:
Ennan He
Tel: 6826 9687