Our Quality

Providing exceptional quality is strongly ingrained in our corporate culture and has long been the cornerstone of Toppan Leefung Group’s companies. Our dedicated staff and team members constantly strive to achieve excellence across all facets of our business.

Over the years, our companies’ products and services ‍have attained a fine array of internationally recognised certifications, testaments and endorsements. While implementing these rigorous standards and obtaining hard-to-come-by certifications, we constantly demonstrate our intent and commitment towards achieving excellence across all aspects of our business.

Our ISO 27001 certifications indicate our best practice approaches to data security, with rigorous methodologies for lowering risks and addressing core security needs. For Quality Management, ISO 9001 guarantees that our products and services consistently meet customer’s expectations, while casting a critical eye on leadership improvement initiatives. Other certifications such as ISO14001 and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) demonstrate our ongoing commitment to measuring our environmental impact and contributing to responsible management of the world’s forests.

Numerous other certifications address everything from workplace safety to ethical printing and manufacturing. As industries and technology evolve, our team is committed to constantly revising and refining our agile operations, staying ahead of the curve and ensuring that we meet and exceed industry best practices and standard.