Our People

The Toppan Leefung Group recognizes that its people are by far its greatest asset. It also sees investing in their training and nurturing their development as its foremost commitment.

Group companies deliberately seek out and recruit the best candidates in the industry. As a result many experts and leaders in their selected fields are on the staff of Toppan Leefung companies. Having recruited such high-caliber employees, the next prerogative is to retain them. The companies handle this by rewarding hard work and recognizing personal achievements.

The company cultures promote the building of workforce excellence where innovation and experimentation are strongly encouraged. This helps bring out the very best of collaborative efforts amongst team members as is demonstrated by the fine products and services offered by these companies.

Continuous education is strongly supported while personal excellence and achievement of corporate goals is readily rewarded. Great care is taken to cultivate a caring, open and honest working environment where the staff can grow and mature. These priorities have become the main ingredients in the Group’s recipe for continued success.