Toppan Merrill has been a pioneer and trusted partner to the financial, legal and corporate communities for over five decades, providing secure, innovative solutions for complex content and communications requirements.

Toppan Merrill offers solutions for mission-critical content in:
  • Capital markets transactions
  • Regulatory disclosure for corporations & investment management companies
  • Financial services & health insurance marketing & communications
With deep subject matter expertise in major capital markets, Toppan Merrill delivers unmatched service around the world.

Toppan Merrill Technology

Toppan Merrill BridgeTM (“Bridge”)

Built on the Microsoft® Office® platform, Bridge integrates seamlessly and intuitively with the tools you already use, unlocking full control, collaboration and confidence to meet global regulatory disclosure requirements. A truly hassle-free approach to financial content management and regulatory disclosure compliance.

Toppan Merrill ConnectTM (“Connect”)

Connect helps drive client engagement and streamline personalized, compliant communications from printing to leading-edge digital solutions while adhering to the most demanding security and compliance requirements.

Toppan Merrill Approach

Proactive Partnership

We are trusted, proactive partners. We work to understand our customers’ unique needs and create solutions around them; finding opportunities to solve problems before they arise and realize greater efficiencies; lending a hand to navigate the ever-changing business landscape. If there is a better way to do it, we will find it.

Unparalleled Expertise

We bring unmatched subject matter expertise and market knowledge to our clients, providing solutions that have been tested and proven accurate. We help customers stay ahead of changing regulations, avoid costly errors and create efficient solutions to the most complex communication challenges. You don’t have to worry because we know how to do it.

Continuous Innovation

We are thought leaders. We deliver best-in-class technology solutions to streamline efficiencies for project management, document content management, print and distribution processes. Our intuitive, flexible technology works with your existing systems and adapts to your workflow—not the other way around. For full service support or just a helping hand, we’re always here when you need us.

Unmatched Service

We deliver. We bring a positively determined attitude and the highest degree of professionalism to our clients’ challenges to get it done. We are committed to whatever it takes to meet your hardest deadline on time, with complete accuracy, precision and security. No one makes it easier to do the tough stuff better.

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