Established in 1987 to provide typesetting services to local financial companies, Toppan Merrill Limited is now recognized as a leading full-service global communications provider to the legal and financial sectors. The company offers a one-stop solution environment for all pre- and post-press requirements and related processes. Services include translation, design, typesetting, printing, finishing and binding, distribution and logistics, regulatory filing and virtual data room services with emphasis on time-sensitivity, confidentiality and security.

Building on its reputation, the company has now extended its services to the commercial sector and started offering premium sourcing services through its extensive network of suppliers. It also provides cost-effective digital printing and data management services.

Our Mission Statement
Toppan Merrill aims to provide innovative solutions, exceptional service, quality and value. As a financial communications provider, we take the pain and hassle out of financial printing. Every decision starts with how we can work better with clients while being responsive to their needs in a timely fashion. We approach the business from our clients’ point of view and our staff is empowered to make decisions to help clients.

Our Key Strategies
Our strategy is to change how the industry services clients and strives to be a complete one-stop solutions provider. At Toppan Merrill, everyone is empowered to be hands-on, responsive and aligned with what clients want. At the same time, we're using technology to provide new and efficient solutions to client’s needs, improve its quality, service offering and service standards.

Our Core Values
We believe in listening to our customers about what they want in the marketplace and to our employees, all of whom have vast experience, for their ideas on best practices and providing our customers with hassle free service. We promote teamwork and communication in an environment where success with our customers leads to opportunities for our employees.

What We Offer
We offer products and services to business partners in the legal and financial sector. Our solutions include single source typesetting, design, translation, digital and offset printing, regulatory filing, fulfillment and timely distribution services. Additional services include media placement, premium sourcing, web-based solutions and Virtual Data Room services for major financial deals.

Our Key People
Christabel Lee, Managing Director
Yeo Tee Kiat, Chief Financial Officer, Financial Printing
Maggie Ma, Chief Sales Officer, Capital Markets, Asia Pacific
David DiDonato, Chief Business Development Officer
Peter Yeo, Assistant General Manager

Contact Us

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