China Business Division is composed of two strategically located printing plants in Shanghai and Beijing. It provides a wide range of products and services to domestic and international clients. The primary focus of the Division is on producing high-end fashion magazines for leading publishers in China. Equipped with advanced technology and management systems China Business Division is proud to be the printer of choice for many well-known publishers in the periodical industry.

This Division of Toppan Leefung (Hong Kong) Limited is renowned for its excellent color management and unmatched printing quality. It utilizes internationally recognized GMG system with ISO standards that enable the company to achieve multiple location printing with consistent results. The unique arrangement shortens the production lead-time and improves distribution and therefore provides added value to publishers. This competitive edge brought the company tremendous credibility and trust. Among many long and stable client relationships Beijing Rayli Magazine House, Hearst Magazines China, Trends Group and Conde Nast China treat Toppan Leefung as one of their most important partners.