Company Background
Toppan Shanghai Company Co., Ltd and Toppan Shanghai Printing Co., Ltd were incorporated in 2003 by our shareholder, Toppan Printing in Japan. It joined the family of Toppan Leefung Group as Toppan Leefung Packaging (Shanghai) Co., Ltd on 1 August 2018 with a total workforce of about 200 people.

About Us
The main product lines are retort pouch, electronic packaging material, medical packaging material, vacuum insulation material and easy peel lid. The plant is equipped with printing machines, laminating machines, extrude machines and bag making machines in a clean-room manufacturing environment. It has invested heavily in the VOC machine to be environmental friendly. With the patented GL films from Toppan Printing in Japan, it provides high-end packaging solutions for many Japan- based companies in China.

Mission and Strategy
We strive for continuous improvement to be the leading environmental friendly packaging solutions provider in China. We use our patented GL films from Toppan Printing in Japan to provide creative, innovative packaging solutions to its customers.

Our Key People
Chia Yan Heng, Managing Director
Tse Chi Ho, Assistant General Manager
Eda Haruhiko, Plant Manager

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