Company Background
As the first advertising firm solely funded by its foreign parent company Toppan Printing Co., Ltd., Shanghai Toppan Advertising (STA) was established in March 2005, and subsequently expanded offices to Beijing and Guangzhou.
In order to enhance business development and market penetration in China, the ownership and the management of the company were transferred from the Division of Information and Communications of Toppan Printing to Toppan Leefung (Hong Kong) Limited on January 1, 2018. The company has been renamed as Toppan Leefung Advertising (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (TLA)

About Us
Based on the expertise in sales and marketing and experience in customer service nurtured by Toppan Printing, TLA possesses well-rounded core competencies that provide planning, designing and execution of marketing solutions to local and international enterprises. Our main products include promotional materials, gifts and premium, display apparatus, and POSM. We also offer tailor-made digital services and strive to serve as the single-point of contact to our clients.

Mission and Strategy
We focus on building a communication platform between brands and their customers. We provide customized design space to enhance overall customer experience and loyalty. Our concentration is always on the core essence of the brand and its benefits to the consumers thus we are capable of developing the most essential advertising programs and services. Capitalizing on our time-honored printing history coupled with dynamic modern media knowledge we continue to explore new technological advances that allow us to present to our clients the most innovative and unique media solutions.

TLA is committed to servicing our domestic and international clients. We are proud of our core competence in the areas of creativity, resourcefulness and exceptional service. Our well-trained team of professionals is eager to serve you.

Yeo Chee Tong, Chairman
Yuan Fuyin, Managing Director
Hirohide Nakayama, Assistant General Manager (Marketing)

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