Toppan Best-set Premedia Limited was incorporated in 1986 to provide pre-press services to the publishing industry. Since inception it has striven to offer exceptional quality at affordable prices backed by top-tier customer service. Over the years the company has evolved into one of the regions’ premier pre-press service providers.

Our Mission and Strategy
The company strives to blend leading technologies with its workforce’s considerable skills base to provide unparalleled service to its customers. This is accomplished by constantly upgrading its equipment and continued training of its staff. The resultant low costs and fast turnaround times have attracted many leading publishers to make Toppan Best-set their supplier of choice.

Who we are
Toppan Best-set has become globally recognized for its quality work, exceptional value and excellent service. Headquartered in Hong Kong, it has a large production facility in nearby Guangzhou. Clients include major publishing houses and university presses from around the world.

Our Products
The comprehensive range of services is targeted at the publishing and printing industries and includes: copy-editing, proofreading, indexing, typesetting, e-book creation, manipulating and re-creation of artwork, colour separation, translation, printing and binding, and overall project management.

The latest value-added services launched include digital workflow and XML or HTML tagging for on-line publishing. Typesetting in a variety of languages is also undertaken to help cater to the global marketplace.

Our Key People
Johnson Yeung, Managing Director
Cynthia Hui, Assistant General Manager
Alex Ngooi, Operation Manager
Wai Man Yeung, Sales Representative (East Coast, USA)
Ronald Swanberg, Sales Representative (Mid-West, USA)
Keith Harrocks, Sales Representative (UK)

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